ICMM Welcomes Minera San Cristobal as new company member!!

We are delighted to welcome Minera San Cristobal as a new member of ICMM. ICCMM’s Council of CEOs has unanimously accepted the recommendation off the Independent Expert Review Panel that Minera San Cristobal be admitted on the basis of your proven commitment and capacity to help drive ICMM’s work. ICMM now brings together 27 leading mining  and metals companies committed too sustainable development.




Bullion Bulletin Feb 2015

Mining Engineering April 2015 

Mining Magazine April 2015

Attached above are some articles recently printed by industry publications.

The Bullion Bulletin is a publication of the London Bullion Marketing Association. It is the presentation we were asked to give during the Association conference last November in Lima.

Mining Engineering is a publication of the Society of Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME). This article is a result of the Summit presentation given during our December 2014 Christmas party.

Mining Magazine April 2015Mining Magazine is an industry publication based in London that has been around for over 100 years. A few years ago, they presented MSC in their “Mine of the Month” section. We sent them this photo of the MSC concentrate train and they printed it in their “Snapshot” section this month. Mining Magazine April 2015


Today marks a day that we can all be proud of. We have achieved the goal of milling an average of 52,000 tonnes per day average for a month (52,931 for November 2014). Many thought that this goal could never be reached but now we have proven that it can be done. This goal was achieved through teamwork and focus by everyone who works at Minera San Cristobal. Achieving and maintaining this milestone is critical to meeting our future production targets with dropping head grades and metal prices. Congratulations on an outstanding job.


San Cristobal is the first ‘healthy’ mining company

Website - Haruo's Recognition

San Cristobal was the first mining of Bolivia to obtain the “Healthy Company” certification, through a series of integrated actions of care, prevention and health promotion of its employees (including families) and population living in the area influence of the project.

The Bolivian certification (NB) 512001: 2008 Management System Healthy Workplace, was granted after a verification process conducted by the Bolivian Institute of Standardization and Quality (Ibnorca).

“The company has complied witha series of comprehensive actions of care, prevention and health promotion, not only for the employees of the company, but also for the health of people livingin communities (San Cristobal, Culpina K and Vila Vila) which operates San Cristobal Mining,” said the president of Ibnorca, Daniel Sanchez.

The system proposes the development of three key components: assistance, aimed at ensuring the application of analysis and medical criteriato address emerging health problems of risk factors in the company; prevention, aimed at establishing measures to anticipate the onset of disease and to implement actions to mitigate their consequences; and promotion, aimed at ensuring that the company develops actions for staff to take control over their health, showing the effects of prevention.

“I feel committed to continue working with San Cristobal Mining so that both the company and its employees can continue to flourish,” said MSC president, Haruo Matsuzaki, after receiving recognition.

The results and achievements of the country’s largest mining company, he said, reflect “all the effort, commitment, and affection that Bolivian workers have in San Cristóbal, with its regions and its people.”The requirements of NB512001200 ensures compliance with quality standards, allowing companies that decide to implement improvements in the management of risks associated with the health of their workers and prevent the occurrence of diseases that may or may not be caused by work activity, resulting in significant benefits to the company and its workers.

RECOGNITION. This certification is an integral part of the MSC Management System which has other certifications such as ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environment), OHSAS 18001 (occupational health and safety) and ISO / IEC 27001 (Information Security).

Having this certification is an important support for management policies for health and safety at work applying the company, which seeks to becomea national leader in this field, working daily in the continuous improvement of working conditions by the incentive to the culture of health promotion and disease prevention, “cites a press release from the company.

San Cristobal, a subsidiary of the Sumitomo Corporation (one of Japan’s leading business consortia) is a world class mining company and is located in the province o fNor Lipez in Potosí department. The company has to date invested at least “$1,800million” in Bolivia, representing the country’s largest foreign direct investment in mining; part of these funds were allocated to the creation of the necessary transport infrastructure, communications and utilities to exploit silver, zinc and lead safely and efficiently, the company said.

MSC supports lithium project


San Cristóbal Mining, a subsidiary of Japan’s Sumitomo, works with the Mining Corporation of Bolivia (Comibol) in the development of cutting edge technology for the recovery of lithium from the Salarde Uyuni, the company said in a statement.


BIF News Briefing, December 2012 to January 2013 Bolivia Information Forum

Karachipampa smelting plant opened after 28 years lying dormant After 28 years of inactivity, the Karachipampa smelting plant, located just outside the city of Potosí has been opened by Comibol, the Bolivian state mining enterprise. The furnaces were ignited at an opening ceremony during which President Evo Morales urged the local authorities to support the project, as the re-activation of the plant has been a central demand of the Civic Committee of Potosí (COMCIPO) for several years (see BIF Bulletin No. 16).

Karachipampa was constructed during the 1980s, but despite nearly US$200 million being invested by the government of the time, the plant never became operational. In 2005 a joint-venture contract was signed between Comibol and the Canadian mining firm Atlas Precious Metals (APM) to develop Karachipampa, but this was terminated in 2010 after the government accused APM of failing to demonstrate its commitment to the project.

The plant will have a processing capacity of up 51,000 tonnes of concentrate, and will smelt lead, zinc, silver and gold, amongst other minerals. It currently has around 250 workers, a figure expected to rise to 400 once the plant is fully operational. According to Mario Virreira, minister for mining, Karachipampa will bring in around US$50 million per year once it reaches its production capacity. The government hopes that the re-opened plant will be central to the development of the Potosí region.

Erbol, El País,, AN Bolivia.blogspot,, Bolivia Minera.blogspot, El Deber, La Prensa

DATE: 01-09-2014

San Cristobal mining certified as “Healthy Enterprise”. The San Cristobal mining company yesterday received certification as a Healthy Workplace, after a process of verification in compliance with Bolivian law NB 512001: 2008, conducted by the Bolivian Institute of Standardization and Quality (Ibnorca). This constitutes the first Bolivian mining company to be certified.

The Ibnorca certification accredits the Management System applied by San Cristóbal Mining, which covers a range of integrated actions of care, prevention and health promotion not only of its workers and their families, but also of the population living in communities of San Cristobal, Culpina K and Vila Vila.

This certification is an integral part of the mining company’s “System Management”. It also has other certifications such as ISO -9001: Quality, ISO -14001: Environment, OHSAS 18001: Occupational Health and Safety and ISO / IEC 27001: Safety information. Having this certification is an important support for health and safety management policies at work applied by the company, which seeks to become a national leader in this field, working daily on the continuous improvement of working conditions and incentive to the culture of health promotion and disease prevention, says an institutional newsletter.

Management of Healthy Workplace System

The Management of Healthy WorkplaceSystem(SIGES) Certification is grantedas a result ofa process ofverifying compliance withtherequirements of Bolivian law NB-512001: 2008 made by health experts, internal auditors MSC and auditors of Ibnorca, the only institution accredited in Bolivia in this area.


Corporate Reputation Monitor (MERCO) and the publication New Economy


The Corporate Reputation Monitor (MERCO) and the publication New Economy, jointly developed the ranking of the 100 leading companies with the best reputation and management in Bolivia in 2013. In this regard, yesterday November 13, Minera San Cristobal S.A. was recognized with the following awards:

  • Company with the best reputation.
  • Company more responsible and better corporate governance.
  • First company in the mining sector.